Who is in your support system?

October 26, 2023
Who is in your support system?

There are three types of people we need in our lives.

A teacher, coach or mentor
A cheerleader
A student

Your Teacher:

This is the person who is a few (or many) steps ahead of you. The person who will teach you and save you form mistakes that you would have made doing it the hard way.

This is the reason you hire a coach like myself to help you set goals and create a plan that’s realistic for you adding nutrition, stress management, mindset, support system and lifestyle.

Your Cheerleader:

We know the value of a coach or mentor to help you fast-track your results through helping you create a plan and keeping you accountable to that plan, but who else is there to support you on your journey?

You need a CHEERLEADER and encourager.

This is not the same person as your coach, who is not only an encourager but an educator.

Your cheerleader should be someone who is there to do three things:

Lift you up when things get tough
Positive support system and remind you that you are doing a great job
Genuinely interested in your success and reaching your goals

Here’s the thing, you should be a cheerleader in someone else’s life as well, which brings us to the third type of person you need in your life.

Your Student:

A student is someone that you are teaching and supporting. This might be a child in your family that you are passing down knowledge about healthy habits or inspiring them to eat healthy.

A vital part of being connected in a community is to GIVE and receive.

I truly believe that a good gym buddy is more important than the type of workouts that you do.

That person who always shows up & never lets you settle.

If you are are lucky enough to have that person in your life already, Be sure to let them know today!

✌🏻💙🏋🏼‍♀️- Kim

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